Prints in the Wild featuring Who What Wear Collection

Summer is here! Finally, and with it comes bold prints, lots of color and skin. So what's a woman to do when the weather is getting right but isn't fully ready for all that comes with it? She makes her own outfit the not only captures bold print but has color and shows skin. Done in my own Ally spin this outfit is for sure a going out type of outfit

To start I decided on this beautiful 3.1 Philip Lim for Target blouse. I'd purchased it through one of Sandra & Darlene's Blogger House Curvy Closet sales. I fell for the print but was a bit weary on the color. Luckily I got over that once it came in the mail. It's quite soft and when the collection first came out was one of the more popular pieces. It's a button down "jacket" that I cut up a bit and tied to make it more of a crop top. I love to wear it without anything underneath but a bra.

For the skirt, I decided on this beautiful ruffle number by Who What Wear Collection. I'd gotten in while in search for a Kentucky Derby dress back in May. May you recall the yellow ruffle number I wrote about not too long ago? Yea that shopping trip! I love this skirt's movement the most. I love its asymmetrical design and of course, I love the color.

I paired that with my black suede heels from Ellos. It adds just the right amount "sex" to it. As I've grown more confident in my style choices it's also helped a ton with my self-esteem. Gone are the days where I'd worry about how others will see me and have learned to embrace myself. Every single inch of me.

The necklace I got thanks to Rocksbox. I love the rose gold finish against my skin. it blends in just enough but you can still see the shine to it. Layered pieces are quite popular nowadays too so it's worth taking a look. Hit up their site and use code "Allyofnycxoxo" for your first month free!


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