My Bra Story featuring True & Co

I’ve got to tell you a story. The story about how my self-esteem, my confidence and learning to love myself and my body happened. For a long time, I’d always worried about what people thought of me. I’d always been worried about what they’ll say about my body, my breasts, my outfits. You name it I had it…the stress the anxiety and an overwhelming feeling that eyes were on me for the wrong reasons.

Since I was in 5thgrade I’d been developing. By 6thgrade I was already a B Cup with no signs of slowing down. Some girls I recall would stare and others get jealous that I had a growing body while theirs didn’t. There isn’t much that’s worse for a little impressionable girl much like girls calling you names and being very cruel over things you couldn’t control. Heading into Junior High school I expected and got more of the same. My body was changing, my confidence was at an all-time low and the bullying…oh how the bullying shaped me. This time slightly more violent and verbal. I again grew stronger but always covered up, always kept to myself and did what I could to get to High School and prayed it would finally end. In High School I’d reached a C cup and was borderline a D cup. I had to buy tops a size bigger just, so they’d fit over my head. I’d become an attention seeker of sorts having realized what kinds of privileges a body like mine could offer (not the right state of mind by the way). By senior year I was still a bit reserved. I kept the side of me that got what I wanted with my body very far away from those I went to school with, and I reached D cup status. Now it was a real issue. My bras would fall apart sooner. 

I needed to learn how to shop for bras. For years I’d spend so much time looking for the perfect bras. I quickly realized that for me there is no such thing. It would take me years later to realize that’s EVERY SINGLE WOMAN EVER. I’d go shopping with my mother and find the ugliest bras in my size. I’d find bras that were so pricy because of my size and cup. There’s plenty to say about that in a future post (long story short it’s bullshit that I have to pay more. JUST BS). The cheaper bras I would find would poke me, stretch too thin too quickly, hooks would break you name it, it was happening. 

It wasn’t until I started getting into fashion and really looking into brands did I discover the beauty of brands like Addition Elle, Torrid, Bare Necessities and more recently Savage Fenty. It was True & Co. that have really caught my eye as of late. Their designs are quite soft, easily washable and guess what? THEY FIT ME! & Not in the “oh I’m going to settle for this fit” I mean they genuinely work. If you head over to their site, you’ll see a plethora of styles in all sorts of sizes and cups. They are inclusive and straight up the best. I know I’ve got a new place for getting more work bras, but also some sexier items for those more intimate days.

True Weekend Racerback Plus  $54 - True&Co.

It took some time, but I feel good. I’m in a place where I can be confident, be sexy and know that I absolutely do not need anyone’s approval. I don’t need to care about how people see me, I just need to worry about how I see me. You should too. 

True Body Lift Scoop Neck Full Cup Bra

True Weekend Racerback Plus

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