Casual Beach Top featuring PREMME

I know a lot of you guys & dolls saw pictures of me recently in that fantastic bikini from Ellos. If you haven't check out my last blog post. What you may not have known was that I had several different outfits with me and pieces I wanted to take photos of at the beach. My amazing boyfriend Armand snapped several shots of me, but the photos of this Dana Tank by PREMME are a true gem.

You all know of my love of PREMME, and when they recently had a blowout sale I couldn't pass up the chance at getting some of my favorite pieces. I was wary about this tank because it's more revealing than I would have liked. I recently decided to love my body and really devote myself to self-love, and so I bought the tank and I wore the heck out of it on this beach! It's super soft to the touch and is very stretchy. I purchased a 1 (16 in PREMME sizing) and while it stretched just fine since I'm heavy chested it didn't come down much.

Take a look at how I styled it below! & as always shop with them!


PREMME recently had a 70% off sale to clear out pieces and make room for their fall line. Last I checked it's still there, so I'd go pick up those last min. pieces before they are gone!

Shop the sale here.

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