The Mouse & The Sailor featuring Oh My Disney! Collection

Whew! It's been some time guys & dolls. I'm back hitting the ground running with a ton of new content for you all. I've recently been working on a passion project of mine while also working at the hat shop and couldn't find the time. That's on me. My bad ya'll I didn't forget you. My passion project is all about hats & Disney. They are two of my faovrite things, and I can't wait until you guys see more. For now, follow my newest page on Instagram @EnchantedHatters for more.

It goes without saying how big of a Disney fan I am. Earlier in the year Armand and I took a trip to L.A., as well as Anaheim to Disneyland. It was there that I saw the very shirt I'm wearing below, and $34 was just a little too pricy for me. I was sad but It was just bad timing. I'd gotten other things though so it wasn't a total loss. Cut to a couple of weeks ago when Armand and I were driving back from an anniversary trip to Atlantic City. We'd stopped by a Nike Outlet store and saw that Disney had one in that shopping plaza as well. Long story short I found the shirt I'd longed for all thos emonths ago right there. It was in my face for $10.99. I COULD NOT PASS THIS UP. So I bought it. 

I decided to stick to a nautical theme by wearing some ankle cut sueded pants in a deep navy (the color of the fall BTW!) thrifted during a clothing swap at my friends home in BK. They are Ann Taylor LOFT! I personally have never owned anything from LOFT so it was nice to give it a try. They are quite soft, and fit just right. For shoes I went for my Loafers by Ellos and to complete the look I wore my Greek Fisherman style from Goorin Bros.

It was during the outfit creating process that i had the idea to incorprate the "Oh Mickey" bag. It's from the Oh My Disney Inspired By Collection, and Armand bought it as a gift for our anniversary. Its perfect as a clutch but for these photos I decided on keeping the strap attached. It was the perfect touch aganist the feminine Minnie top. 

Take a look at how I styled it, and let me know who's your favorite Disney characters?



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