Trending: The Color Factory

Guys & Dolls! The summer of Art Installations in NYC ended with quite the bang (for me at least I have one more to attend for November that you’ll hear about soon enough!). I had gone to the Manhattan Color Walk earlier in the summer thanks to a friend of mine who told me about it. So when I heard The Color Factory was coming to NYC officially I knew I had to go! So I told my boyfriend Armand about it and got tickets far in advance knowing this would be a hot ticket. A little background on The Color Factory:

“Color Factory is a collaborative interactive exhibit that debuted in San Francisco in August 2017 What was intended as a month-long run unexpectedly flourished as a celebration of color and creativity that lasted for another eight sold-out months.

In August 2018, a whole new palette came to New York City in SoHo’s Hudson Square neighborhood. In 20,000 square feet, we feature brand-new participatory installations of colors we’ve collected around the city— hues that invite curiosity, discovery and play. Some of our favorite artists, creatives, designers and makers are teaming up with us to tell their unique color stories and engage all of your senses in unexpected ways.”

My heavens was this a fun time! Everything was so immersive, everything was bright and full of POP! It was hard not to stay in one room to the next while getting to play with balloons, play instruments, dance it out in a small night club setting & much more! The kicker for myself was the ball pit. We got in, took photos and videos and had so much fun. We even got a free Whale pin and some mochi!!

Check out their website for more information!