Graphic Tees & Crop Tops

Gone are the days when I would be afraid of letting my stomach out. Gone are the days where I’d feel a real fear about showing any skin that I feared I would be deemed “Ugly’….GONE. Thank heavens too because imagine me trying to navigate the blog world being afraid of clothing I wanna wear. That alone that idea is why I get up and try risky outfits like this.

I got the top over at Target in the BX. It was ON SALE! holy cow did I get lucky. I loved Saved By the Bell” when I was younger so it just had to be mine. This was a particularly hot day so I decided on a shorter than normal skirt by Ellos.

You all know how much I love me some Ellos, this skirt is soft and didn’t leave me with chub rub like other skirts would. Now you can’t see my shoes so I’ll talk about my Red Lip. It’s by Fenty Beauty and it’s a doozy! I love the lip paint and how smooth it goes on my lips.

Check out below for pics on how I styled it. I would say jeans and darker clothing is a great way to go and maybe a denim jacket yo!


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