How to: Wear & Style Your Hats

So you’ve gotten a hat? or perhaps you have a growing hat collection and are unsure of what to do next with them? Allow me to walk you through some things that I do to jazz up my hats and best ways to wear them. I want you to come away from this feeling confident and ready to take on any hat.

If you’ve never gone hat shopping before what you’ll need before stepping foot in a hat shop is your measurements! Luckily I’ve written about this before, click here and you’ll know how to measure your head. Once you’ve got measurement down. It’s time to try on hats! You’ll want to go by your face shape as well as proportions. If you have a wider face try a wider brim…get it?

Take a look at a picture of me below. I’ve got a pretty round face so a hat like the one on me is PERFECT.


The styling is the easy part because it comes completely from you. I style my hats in a very dramatic way because my personality allows for it. The person next to me or even you may like something subtle or even “clean” as we call it at the hat shop (no accessories at all). It’s all in how you want the hat to look and feel. I’ve written about some awesome pin ideas that you can check out here.

You can try feathers or pins or do like I have recently and customize hats Disney style. I have a house full of older hats from my first year at Goorin Bros. that were screaming for a makeover. Check out the video below about a certain special hat…


So what do you think? Do you feel a little more ready to handle some hats? Remember the style is all your own. There is no wrong way to wear or customize your hats. Carry it with confidence and it’ll be like it was always meant for you!