Traveling to Disney


Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve done this plenty of times but in August i’m about to embark on a trip to Disney…SOLO. There’s a long story behind why I decided to go, but ultimately Walt Disney World has always been a second home for me. Before when I was working i’d planned and put a payment down for August. Then I lost my job…Everything changed and I swore off the trip.

I’m now two months away from being back at my second home. I couldn’t have gotten closer without this guys help! Through all the hardships of the past two months one thing remained. This Disney Trip. It was the one thing Armand refused to let me give up. Too many times since all the crap in my life started did I tell him “I should just cancel I shouldn’t do this” and he would meet me with a resounding NO.

It’s because he knew that prior to the mess I’m in I had worked hard to get the trip started. I saved so much while I worked and when that confirmation email sent it was real. Why not bring myself some joy? He understood that, and has been a life saver ever since. I love you. Thank you for saying NO.

Because he didn’t I am not allowed to live out my dream for a weekend. It truly is going to be one for the books. If anyone is around in August (16th-19th) let me know! I’d love to meet you!