What I Wore to the Parks

Guys & Dolls my vacation came and left! I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by. I feel like just yesterday we celebrated the holidays and now my birthday and this amazing trip have come and gone.. I decided I was going to celebrate the week with some really cute t-shirts for the trip. Below are some of the many styles that I wore throughout the week!

Source:  MamaPower

Source: MamaPower

Loving this top for my trip to Universal Studios in Orlando! I’m thinking since I got two days there I can find another shirt at the park and where that one the next day.

UPDATE: As of this post I actually haven’t gotten this shirt yet. Here’s hoping it makes it here, I will be leaving an interesting rating as I ordered it December 30th. There’s no reason why it should take that long, but lets see.


Source:  ByKyStudios

Source: ByKyStudios

This is the birthday tee!, I think maybe i’ll wear nice slacks or something but jeans may due here since dinner is EARLY. We had a reservation at Be Our Guest at 4:30pm. YIKES. So casual outfit it is. I suppose i’m an attention seeker and this shirt will just about get me to those attention seeking points no? I’m also here for many photos so I absolutely wanna look my best.

Easily, this is going with me to Hollywood Studios for Disney After Hours event last Saturday night. It fits too perfectly with the theme of the day. I’m a sucker for cross promotions of sorts and this one is no different with Buzz & Woody along with the lettering of the TV show “FRIENDS”.

My Animal Kingdom shirt is a no brainer. I love “The Lion King” It’s one of my favorite films of all time and needed to be the focal point of my Animal Kingdom park day. I love how simple but powerful the shirt is as well. It’s sure to make a statement. I plan on buying some ears as soon as I get into the park (well maybe after I b-line it to Flight of Passage) that fit my shirt.

My Magic Kingdom shirt (is one of many) and is a no brainer. I love “The Little Mermaid”. Ariel is my favorite princess as well. I have other shirts as we are going to Magic Kingdom several times during the week. It looks so wonderful in person. I can’t wait to figure out how I’ll pair it, and with what in the parks.

BONUS SHIRT!: Oh My Apparel had such a good sale I had to buy something. Look at how cute this top is! and it was only $9.99! Talk about a steal.


So that’s it! What do you all think? Also make sure you click on the photos above, they will lead you to each shop that I purchased the shirts at!

See you all in the parks!

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