We're Getting Married!

Hey Guys & Dolls! I know recently I spoke about getting engaged and well it’s very true! Armand proposed to me at Ariel’s Grotto inside Magic Kingdom at New Fantasyland on January 13th 2019. He tells me he was a nervous wreck but knew it was what he wanted to do. He’d been ready and I have been for some time (I may have annoyed him a bit about it).

After showing Ariel my customized hat he got down on one knee and did the deed. Please do follow our wedding journey and watch me try to convince him to do as many Disney things as possible!

Much Love.


I’m still on such a high about it all. I’d never been the one to dream about a wedding, but here we are talking about dresses & venues and such. I will always remember this wonderful day at Magic Kingdom when everything was simply perfect.

Take a look at all the photos, and feel free to comment on any Disney themed ideas for a wedding because whew! do I need it.