Going Wild at Animal Kingdom | Disney World Trip

What’s better than Na’vi and The Lion King? Not much. Read all about my day/days (funny story) at the wildest part of Disney World.

My time at Animal Kingdom was quite magical. For a little backstory, I had not been for 15 long years. I was last here with my mother and my god sister, and while that was a fun trip this one was different. I’m newly engaged (post coming soon) and to celebrate how that happened, to celebrate our love in this park was so special to me.

It started off as a warm cheery day and we’d gotten there SUPER early thanks to all the Pandora hype. It’s all true by the way you need to be there EARLY. As soon as we got there the line was already 90 minutes long AT PARK OPEN. That’s insane to me, but alas we waited and it was incredible. The Na’vi River Journey was amazing and featured one of the most advanced animatronics I’ve ever seen. After getting those two rides out of the way we were able to really enjoy the park freely with no problems (well except one that I will get to in a bit). We had such a blast walking through the Africa area, and looking at all the shops, we stayed around a bit for a couple of dancers that were putting on quite a show. We ate at Restaurantosaurus for lunch where I got a free brownie just because it was my birthday.


DINOSAUR was a bumpy ride, and the dance party was fun (even though we didn’t stick around long). The Everest rollercoaster was a feat simply because the last time I was in AK they were still building the coaster, and damn was it a fantastic!!!!!!! It was so good we went on it twice!

We’d gotten a Fastpass for Kilimanjaro Safaris. While waiting in line for that we were delayed for a bit and wondered what the wait was for. It turns out that a baby Giraffe was born on the the very path folks drive through and well, they shut down the ride!. It was ok I understood, and we returned a couple of days later to finally get on it.

Funny Story: On my birthday we found a Fastpass for Flight of Passage while in Magic Kingdom and booked it like you wouldn’t believe to AK. It was a crazy ride and we made it there even with our 15 min late window. I swear I lost all my dinner that night! Take a look at some photos from our most magical day.