Exploring Epcot | Disney World Trip

Awwww yes. EPCOT. Behind Magic Kingdom its my favorite park. The music, the food, the pavilions…It all comes together to not only be one of the most educational places at Walt Disney World Resorts but also the most fun!. You get to drink, laugh & play at EPCOT.

“Epcot was originally conceived by Walt Disney during the early development of Walt Disney World, as an experimental planned community that would serve as a center for American innovation and urban living. Known as "EPCOT", the idea included an urban city center, residential areas, and a series of mass transportation systems that would connect the community”. - Wikipedia

I put that quote in because in some ways it kinda is a community. We come together on a daily basis to learn about the beginnings of communication on Earth from Spaceship Earth, we learn about experimental cars from Test Track, and in the World Showcase flavors of 11 different countries from all over the world.


I am such a fan of all the Disney Walls at EPCOT as well. Pictured here is the Blueberry Wall. Now I don’t know who started this trend but this Instagram walls are all the rage lately. There are whole posts about which ones are coolest and where to find them.

I would take a look at Living By Disney’s list as Serena is always so extensive with her listing, and when you head to EPCOT tag those photos! The engagement rate is quite high for these walls.


The FOOD. My heavens every time i’m at EPCOT I eat. I eat a ton! I have a love of the snacks, so you will usually find me eating cakes or having ice cream. Pictured above is a Chocolate Moose cake styled like Sven from Frozen. It’s located at the Norway Pavilion.

Pictured here is what I believe is an apple flavored cheesecake thing. I can’t remember as it’s been a while since the trip. I do remember it tasting DAMN GOOD though. I know I devoured it quick quickly. I also had wine at the Italy Pavilion and an amazing stuffed Beignet at the French Pavilion. It was incredible.

In all, it was a fantastic time at EPCOT. It’s one of my favorite parks because not only do you learn so much about so many different countries it just feels more adult than any park we have and sometimes you need a break from being a kid. EPCOT is the place to do it.