Ariel Vibes | Featuring Once Upon a Tee Shirt

You all know my love of Once Upon a Tee Shirt starting with this top I wore during a shoot not too long ago. The love continued when their Doodle Collection debuted and this Little Mermaid x Ariana Grande hybrid tee came out. Ariel is my favorite Disney Princess and so I straight up had to have this top!

I wanted the focus on the shirt but still felt like red should be a dominate color and so the red skirt from Rebdolls was the way to go. This outfit begged for a hat too and so I wore my customized Gaucho from Goorin Bros.

This whole outfit is very loose fitting, but perfect when the top is tucked in. You can take a look at the shirt here. It’s currently sold out but more prints get made often if enough people request it. I’m sure they will with this one!

The Details:

Top: Once Upon A Tee Shirt

Skirt: Rebdolls

Shoes: Dr. Scholls

Hat: Goorin Bros.

Top | Skirt | Shoes | Hat

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