Spring Fever in Winter | Featuring Once Upon A Tee Shirt

I absolutely had to have this shirt by one of my favorite Etsy Shop owners Once Upon A Tee Shirt. It’s a cute nod to how expensive Walt Disney World could be. I’d made a joke about scratching out the numbers and updating them with actual prices, and I may we shall see. I paired it with this fantastic collarless coat by Ellos and even snuck in one of my customized Berets for good measure.

I also paired it with a super sweet Minnie Mouse bag from Loungefly via Poshmark. This bag was at least $80 back in the day and I got it for a steep discount! (about $25). I also got the Mickey Mouse bag as well.

Take a look at what I wore & comment below!

The Details:

Top: Once Upon A Tee Shirt

Jacket: Ellos

Jeans: Gap

Beret: Goorin Bros

Shoes: Dr. Scholls Shoes

Bag: Loungefly

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