Avenger's Week: Black Panther

“You’re telling me that the king of a Third World country runs around in a bulletproof catsuit?”

-Agent Everett Ross

T'Challa was the King of the African nation of Wakanda. He’s watched his father die, had to become a king & made the biggest of sacrifices in order to try and protect his home of Wakanda, the Avengers team, and the whole world. There was a lot of growing in him that took place in a short time.

Inspired by the 90’s era I opted for making my wooden bead necklace from J. Crew into a choker and added some stacked bangles to what is maybe my new favorite t-shirt purchased lovingly by my fiancé Armand at Forbidden Planet in NYC. I first had my hair tied to the back but after seeing the photos I decided to let my hair down and these were the results. It’s a very Gwen Stefani Tragic Kingdom vibe without the sticker gems all over my forehead and blue hair. I knew I had wanted at least one of these outfits to feel like it was from a different time, and I’m happy that it was T’Challa’s.

The skirt was thrifted. I found it at the Big Fat Flea YEARS AGO and it’s one of my favorite pieces of clothing ever. It’s so easy for me to pair it with so many different colors. I even style it in the winter with leggings that’s how much I love them. The shoes from Ellos were the last touch of this 90’s look. If you remember chunky wedges were all the rage in the 90’s and since I don’t have those, I decided on the closet thing I had. It came together pretty well and thanks to a gust of wind we got some pretty unique shots.

We decided on the United Nations as a background because in his movie “Black Panther” T’Challa decides that Wakanda could no longer hide its resources and technologies and that they must share them with the world. He does this by joining the U.N. and “opening” Wakanda to the world. It’s a very emotional end credit scene and shouldn’t be missed.

The Details:

Top: Forbidden Planet

Skirt: was Thrifted

Shoes: Ellos

Bangles: Forever 21

Necklace: J. Crew

Top | Skirt | Shoes | Bangles | Necklace

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