Avenger's Week: Captain America

Captain Steven Grant "Steve" Rogers is a World War II veteran, is a founding member of the Avengers like Black Widow and for me has a heart of gold. His heart is most likely always in the right place, and he does his best to fight for the good of…well America as well as people he cares about (Bucky Barnes most notability). Rogers had been on the run from the U.S. Government for not signing the Sokovia Accords, due to moral disagreements, chose his best friend Bucky over Iron-Man and the team and went as my fiancée says…In-CAP-nito (I’ll show myself out). By Infinity War we saw a man willing to do what it took to bring down Thanos…and the rest…well you know the rest.

I decided to go for Captain America: Winter Soldier vibes here because I liked the idea of this man whose life was so intertwined with America having to hide from it in order to protect himself. Hiding in plain sight no? & what better location to do that than in Times Square. No one see you do anything there. They are busy with their own lives.

I got the shirt on a late-night run at Old Navy. I paired it with some dark denim because it fit what Steve is going for as he’s hiding. I reversed my black belt to the brown side to bring some brown in as I didn’t have a brown leather jacket to wear with this outfit. The baseball cap and shades are a complete nod to cap’s hide-out gear as well as Chris Evans who plays the role and does the very same thing when hiding from paparazzi.

More details on the outfit are below.

The Details:

Top: Old Navy

Jacket: was Thrifted

Jeans: GAP

Sunglasses: was Thrifted

Hat: Goorin Bros.

Top | Jacket | Jeans | Sunglasses | Hat

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