Casual Goofy Vibes | Featuring Cakeworthy

Hey Guys & Dolls!

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day! Today we are going to get into my love of Cakeworthy again with this AMAZING all over print shirt from “A Goofy Movie”. It’s one of my favorite Disney films and is a treasure amongst anyone who grew up in the 90’s. As with most Cakeworthy items the shirt is long so it will need to be tucked in unless you like that look or are looking to knot it on hotter days. It’s perfect at the bust as well and makes it an easy shirt to wear.

I paired it with a denim jacket I had gotten from a Dia&Co. box that I ended up not keeping (let me know if it this is happening to you too but my boxes aren’t great lately!). Lastly I got my big girl skirt on (no really I barely wear it because I get weird about my legs) and wore my mini skirt by Ellos.

Anyone else get deathly afraid about showing off their legs? It’s one of the few parts of my body I still worry about despite loving everything else on me!!! That’s one i’m gonna get over for sure.

What are your favorite pieces of Cakeworthy clothes?

The Details:

Top: Cakeworthy

Skirt: Ellos

Jacket: Dia & Co.

Lip: Fenty Beauty


Top | Skirt | Jacket | Lip

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