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This is one of those last min. outfits that kind of come together and end up creating something that surprises you. I’d gotten a Dia&Co box after not getting one for sometime. In it was this crazy looking skirt and I felt like my Prince Eric shirt would match it well.

I like that the color flow well together although I will say that the skirt fits very loose so if you have gotten it in a box be prepared to have to shrink it a bit. I put on the red beret because the outfit screamed for something dapper and of the time.

Did I keep the skirt? thats a no! I thought the material was weird and it was just so big. If i’m not going to wear it than its just not going to stay in my house for long. Not my cup of tea thats for sure.

The Details:


Skirt: Dia & Co.

Beret: Goorin Bros.

Watch: Apple

Top | Skirt | Beret | Watch

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