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Hey Guys & Dolls! That was some Marvel week huh? I just wanted to thank everyone who made it such a successful week. I’m coming back strong on the blog with this very awesome Spring Sweater from Oh Yeah Apparel. They used to make primarily Disney style clothing but have recently changed over to more prints, more color and more personal style items. I love how soft it is and it is indeed warm on those spring morning days. My only issue with it is that it’s knitted pretty widely so I fear it may be prone to breaking if I wear it too much. I’ll have to be careful with that.

Spring sweaters are truly the best. I love pairing them with something casual like these jeans from GAP they are a light wash so it matches the white of my sweater. It doesn’t color block as much because the sweater is doing that for me. I wore my trusty rusty TOMS because they are just that comfy.

I completed the look with a bag I got from Zara Kids. It was originally a back pack but I cut the sleeves off and made it into an adult bag. Pretty savvy huh?

The Details:

Sweater | Jeans | Hat | Shoes

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