How To: Perfect Your Hat Style

So you've been eyeing some hats for the summer or thinking about winter hats. Don't get overwhelmed! Let me show you how to wear some styles and tell you about what works for you!

when I first started wearing hats I was a complete novice. I had no clue about what a crown was, what a brim was or even face shapes. I just knew I liked hats and really wanted to educate myself on them. Along came Goorin Bros. a company rich in the history of hats, 122 years in fact to school me on what I needed to know. Three years in and I couldn't be happier having found something so rewarding in my life. 

To help you figure out what you're looking for a wrote up some tips below! Enjoy. -  Dean the Butcher  $150 - Dean the Butcher $150

Ashton Warren in her Pin-Up Glory

Ashton Warren in her Pin-Up Glory -  County Line  $150 - County Line $150

Courtney Courier in her Vintage inspired piece

Courtney Courier in her Vintage inspired piece



Here are few things to look out for when searching for hats:

Your Fit: I personally love doing a "shake test" to make sure the hat isn't coming off. The worst thing ever is chasing a hat if its too big. I've done this. Please don't be this person. The hat should not be too big or too small. On the other hand if the hat is too tight and you’ll get a headache. Your hat needs to fit just right, there should be NO gaps between your head and the hat itself. If you ever need my help just send me an email and I'll help out! 

Styles & Cuts Oh My!: Not all styles are the same. We get countless questions at the hat shop about what a fedora really is, or a porkpie. It's important to know that not every style will work for you. I know for myself unfinished brims are awful on me. You may not be able to wear a teardrop crown...things are things! Move on to what works and you'll have a forever hat! Your face shape determines what will work on it. Make sure you check out the guides below and on for more.

What's Your Color?: Not as important as the others in determining your hats but important still is the COLOR. We all have different complexions. Different colors work better or worse on different skin. Anything too beige on me washes me out while vibrate colors like purple work amazingly well. Try on an array and feel out what works.

My FAVORITE part!!!...Accessories: I am a HUGE fan of transforming your hat and really making it your own. I usually pin it and use some feathers. You've all seen previous posts where I've done this! Feathers and pins are great options for you. Keep an open mind about your hats and they will become a part of you. 

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