Why You Should Shop PREMME

PREMME is the brain child of OG Plus Size bloggers turned fashion designers, Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason. Back when blogging was still fairly new these two pretty much tackled and owned a pretty niche topic that wasn't getting discussed in Plus Size fashion. 

Per their site:

"premme was born out of a love of fashion and our frustration with it, (you all know what we mean). we believe that style should not be limited or compromised because of our bodies."

It is true that because the industry fears to dress us we end up with less than stellar clothing to choose from. Over the years I feel like I've followed and grown with these confident and sexy women, so when I heard about PREMME I jumped (literally jump to the laptop at work on launch day) at the chance to capture pieces from the limited collection. You knew they had something special when their site crashed, you knew how hungry women like I were for stylish clothing that fit when pieces sold out like lighting. I did manage to pick up a few pieces (5 to be exact although 4 are pictured since I altered the bodysuit slightly). I was so excited when I first received everything and couldn't wait to get it all on!

One of the things I first noticed was just how comfortable everything I received is. Soft fabrics, some that were stretchy and not constricting at all. It made movement all the more easier for myself, which is important for my line of work.

I also love just how versatile and on trend a lot of their pieces are. Being that they are fashion influencers and know what's working at any given moment it just made sense that the Summer Collection was as it was. PERFECT. 

Cost is also an important part of any online shopping experience and they delivered in that department as well. Keeping costs down as much as they could, nothing was over $100 and I personally didn't break any banks when purchasing. 

Black Twist-Front Dress-$65.00

Black Twist-Front Dress-$65.00

Lastly, I would say if any of the above doesn't convince you let it be this: Women of any size should be allowed to feel confident, sexy and stylish at any time. Know that PREMME is a fantastic option for the woman looking to dig out of her comfort zone and truly become a fashion maven.

Photos By: Armand Rodriguez & Shanice Brown