A Pop of Color featuring Victoria Beckham x Target


Hi kiddos! Today let's talk about ladies who love color! I as a New Yorker have been trained since what feels like birth to love and adore black...Midnight Black, Jet Black, Black Black etc...So when it came to creating outfits for this blog I decided to go outside of my own box (just a bit) and add some color to my palette. I'd recently gone on a shopping trip to Target where Victoria Beckham released a line of very fashionable clothing at affordable pricing. I found this very vibrant and bright printed blouse and knew it had to be mine. Sizing was tricky but I opted for the slightly bigger choice in case I feel like hiding some bloating for the future.

I paired the blouse with a skirt I'd picked out from one of my Dia&Co boxes not too long ago. Eloquii has some fantastic clothing for us plus sized ladies so I highly recommend if you've had issue with sizing before (hasn't every women ever?). Final touches to the outfit include pearls from Jewelry shop "Blossom" on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and of course a hat by Goorin Bros. (what is my life without a Goorin hat though?). Check out the shoot below.

Photos by: Armand Rodriguez


Top: Victoria Beckham x Target

Bottom: Eloquii via Dia&Co

Jewelry: My Own (Vintage)

Hat/Feathers: Goorin Bros. "Dean the Butcher" in Burgundy