The Anxiety of a Crop Top


Now folks don't get me wrong. I love fashion like the next girl, but I also know that in our society I was programmed to feel like I can't wear certain things. Men and women alike are taught very young that my body isn't good enough. It took me a long time and self-love to realize that it’s just not true. I can indeed wear whatever I’d like and that yes people will look but that’s no reflection on the type of person you are. As my mother would say “They don’t pay your bills, why care what they think?” It was in that notion that I told Armand I wanted pictures in a crop top. We had to wait a while as our schedules never really meet but this past Sunday we made it work. Walking down the street my first few steps out of the apartment were terrifying. Then a funny thing happened, I let go of my stomach and just walked. It felt great and then I saw people and that same uneasy feeling wanted to make its way back but alas I wouldn’t let it be. I had a nice confidence boost too with the help of several guys staring at me and it was all I needed. By the time, we walked back home I’d fully embraced the idea of showing skin on my tummy. I will never look back.

Check out the Shoot below:


Top: Fashion to Figure

Bottom: Old Navy

Jacket: Rachel Rachel Roy

Shoes: PUMA

Hat: Goorin Bros. "Dean the Butcher"