By the Stoop

Recently during a photo shoot with Armand we had to think quick on our feet. The sun was going down and we had one more look at the one I'm writing about now. We had another location set but it was pretty far away. Ultimately we both decided that right in front of our building was ideal. Ahhh the Stoop. The color scheme works and as it just to happened the look fit as well. I love the color Blue. I can't remember where I read this but Blue is the color of communication! That means if you are in a shade of blue people are more inclined to speak with you, and believe what you have to say. That's a pretty awesome "fact" if you ask me.

I'm still on my crusade of wearing crop tops despite size, but it was these light wash jeans from GAP that really got me. Ok so they kind of look like mom jeans and that's fine. I actually like it a bit high and baggy. It makes the crop top easier to wear. Since it felt more like a men's style to me I opted for my grey suede Oxford style shoes from DNA Footwear, and of course a cap from my beloved Goorin Bros. Hat Shop over in Nolita.

Photos By: Armand Rodriguez


Top: Reb Dolls

Bottom: GAP

Shoes: DNA Footwear

Hat: Goorin Bros. "Ty Morgan"