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Traveling to Disney

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve done this plenty of times but in August i’m about to embark on a trip to Disney…SOLO. There’s a long story behind why I decided to go, but ultimately Walt Disney World has always been a second home for me. Before when I was working i’d planned and put a payment down for August. Then I lost my job…Everything changed and I swore off the trip.

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The Wonder of Magic Kingdom | Disney World Trip

Magic Kingdom is easily my most favorite park. Simply put all the classic rides are there and all of my Disney memories are their (not all of them of course but enough). It’s the park where dreams are made of and if you are anything like me, they are where dreams come true. My now fiancee proposed to me there while meeting Ariel. It was the icing on an already amazing cake (we’d had days of fun prior truly).

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The Stars Shine at Hollywood Studios | Disney World Trip

Lights! Camera! Action! Here’s a fun look at all the goodness that is Disney Hollywood Studios & Disney After Hours.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is one of my favorite parks because it’s like spending a day at the movies!. We waited a bit to head over to this park because we had special event tickets for it. It’s an event called Disney Magic Hours and having a ticket means the park is open an additional THREE HOURS after park close, and let me tell you at $125 per person it is absolutely WORTH IT.

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Going Wild at Animal Kingdom | Disney World Trip

What’s better than Na’vi and The Lion King? Not much. Read all about my day/days (funny story) at the wildest part of Disney World.

My time at Animal Kingdom was quite magical. For a little backstory, I had not been for 15 long years. I was last here with my mother and my god sister, and while that was a fun trip this one was different. I’m newly engaged (post coming soon) and to celebrate how that happened, to celebrate our love in this park was so special to me.

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Packing & Travel Tips | What to Take on Your Next Disney Trip

Holy Smokes! In less than a month Armand and I will be traveling to Disney World! It had me thinking about all I wanted to do and to see but also….WHAT DO I PACK? I truly had no clue for a few days. Granted I just bought a bunch of Disney merch from the Disney Store in Times Square but what about those absolutes? The things you need to bring with every trip you take, and so I decided to make a list!

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