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Playful Pastels Featuring Girl With Curves x Lane Bryant

Hey Guys & Dolls! Hoping everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (if you celebrate of course). It’s time to get back into it! There’s plenty of content coming the month of December so BE READY! The entire month i’ll have Holiday gift guides and much more so much sure you checking back in! of course the best way to check in is to subscribe to my newsletter where I’ll feature new toy items, sales & much more Disney!

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How to Pull off Fall Florals

I found the dress at Target during the summer. It was supposed to be my "go-to” Summer dress but I never found the time to wear it, and then I thought about how nice it would be as it got colder and held off. It did take a quick trip with me to Atlantic City for Armand and I’d 5 year anniversary. I love how bold and color this print is. The blue is truly eye catching and the florals chosen make sense for the color. The accessories were chosen pretty much by comfort.

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