On The Street: Vintage Purples on Prince


On a bright spring day I decided I was going to go full 1920's. I had recently gotten this dress in one of my Dia&Co boxes it's from Taylor Dresses, and knew I'd eventually find the right day for it. That day came when this hat came into the hat shop. Goorin Bros. have been around for 122 years so they know a think or five about making hats. I fell in love with this open crown wide-brimmed Floppy so much so I bought it as soon as we got it in.

I decided to pair the dress with a wood beaded necklace to continue the vintage feel. That Necklace I got from a closet sale four years ago but know it's old school Banana Republic. The gold tones add depth to the purple and orange in the dress. For the hat I decided to add a blue feather to balance out all of that purple. When it all comes together you have a very 1920's style brought to the modern age.


Dress: Taylor Dresses via Dia&Co

Shoes: Nine West

Necklace: Banana Republic

Hat: "Corrine" By Goorin Bros.

Lip: Bobbi Brown