Get Animated featuring Uniqlo x Nintendo

Those who know me know that I am a clown. What I mean is I can get very animated in my life and sometimes it can reflect in the clothing I wear. Often you will find me in very bright and very bold colors to make a statement or to prove something to myself (i.e. girl, yes you can wear that sleeveless top!). Recently Uniqlo partnered up with Nintendo to create the cutest line of t-shirts featuring some of Nintendo's most notable characters. I am a HUGE Animal Crossing fan but since most of the designs for AC came in children's form I wasn't able to wear those. Instead I chose my second favorite Nintendo brand in characters from the Mario series. I particularly love Princess Peach.

The boyfriend came home one day and surprised me with this top! I was so so happy but, my next thought was..."how do I style this?" I immediately thought of my red Reb Dolls skirt because of its color and how it flows. It goes complete against the shirts design of casual wear. Paired with my new Old Navy black suede sandals I had made a bright, colorful and engaging outfit. Armand and I decided the best place to model this outfit was somewhere that was also pretty animated. We decided on the tunnel connecting 190th st. in Broadway to 191st. St. in St. Nicholas Ave. aka (our train stop). See below for all the color and all the fun we had.

Photos By: Armand Rodriguez


Top: Uniqlo x Nintendo

Skirt: Reb Dolls

Hat: Goorin Bros. a customized "Rochelle"

Sandals: Old Navy