Yes, You Can Wear Separates at a Wedding

So you're unsure about what to wear for that wedding. You've though about dresses and maybe even pants but have you ever thought about separating two pieces and creating a completely original piece? I had all of this going through my head recently as I had to get ready for a wedding and didn't want to be like everyone else. I tried on every dress I own from that Rachel Rachel Roy number to that super sweet Eloquii piece. Still I wanted something different. I had remembered my red skirt from an old Dia&Co. box (see my last post on why you should join the Dia family). I decided to do some creative work on a top I had purchased from Reb Dolls.

While the boyfriend was getting our car prepared for the long drive I took a crop top from Reb Dolls that had cape sleeves and cut them off. I stitched up what I could in the time I had and used a flat iron to smooth it out as best I could. The result was a two piece outfit that matched perfectly with my boyfriend's blue tones. So ladies if you ever want to go outside the box with your wedding outfit ideas don't be afraid to think about separates.