Pop of White with Ellos

I'm a New Yorker tried and true. I wear a ton of black. I know in the past I've spoken about just how much I wear it, and love it because of it's slimming qualities. It's your most basic color too as it literally goes with EVERYTHING in your wardrobe. Armand and I took a Sunday and decided to take some photos in my new outfit from Ellos. Ellos is a Swedish brand that showcases modern and effortless fashion. The kicker for me is that they offer a wide variety of sizes from 10-34. It was a warm Sunday and the high school near our apartment had it's gate wide open. We'd always wanted to shoot inside and figured why not? If we get kicked out so be it. To our surprise no one bothered us so we just kept shooting. I loved the backdrop, plus with all the greenery it made the colors I wore pop more.

I chose two pieces from Ellos for this particular outfit. After much thought the Front-And-Back V-Neck Woven Tunic was the winner because I loved the striping on it. Stripes are very much on trend right now because summer screams for patterns! I decided to tuck It into my new favorite skirt the Shirttail Hem Skirt. It's just the right length for my little frame and has that cute detailing in the front. It showcases my figure which I love. It flatters me which is super important to me. Take a look to see how I styled these two amazing pieces!


Wearing: Ellos, Goorin Bros. Hat

Photos By: Armand Rodriguez


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