Summer of Navy featuring Dia&Co


Many of you may remember not too long ago when I along side my good friend Emily starred in a Dia&Co commercial (It still plays here and there make sure you catch it!). Before the commercial even aired I had been a longtime fan and user of Dia&Co. I initially found out about them at the first ever CurvyCon many moons ago. I tell people about the service all the time. From the easy at home trying on to stylists really understanding your needs it's everything a plus sized gal like me could dream of. So color me impressed when in one of my boxes not too long ago was this wonderful navy number from Taylor Dresses. I'd seen it on an FB Live Dia&Co had a week or so prior to getting it in my box and on a friends Instagram page (she happens to love the company as well!). Naturally I knew it had to be mine!

Navy for me has always been a hard color to wear. As a Native New Yorker I'm pretty much programmed to wear black 24/7. Navy can sometimes be a touch too bright for this New Yorker. Since I started to blog again I have found myself getting more adventurous with my outfit choices. I also know it's wedding season and this dress and damn near perfect for weddings.

I paired it with these amazing suede sandals I purchased at GAP not too long ago. It was the perfect navy to go along with it. As for jewelry I decided on some vintage pieces from my old place of work on the Upper West Side. I opted for my hair in a ponytail because this dress called for a more elegant do. Be sure you all log on to fill out the style profile and get a look at all the reasons why I love Dia&Co. so much. You won't regret it!

Photos by: Armand Rodriguez


Dress: Taylor Dresses via Dia&Co.

Shoes: GAP

Jewelry: (My Own) Vintage