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Lil' Bo Peep Searched For Her Sheep | Featuring Cakeworthy

Hey Guys & Dolls! Who’s ready for Toy Story 4! We are just a couple of weeks away from easily the biggest Disney film of the year (that’s not a super hero film of course!) This version of the film features the return of none other than Lil’ Bo Peep who mysteriously disappeared from Toy Story 3 (hopefully they will explain her absence!) .

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Traveling to Disney

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve done this plenty of times but in August i’m about to embark on a trip to Disney…SOLO. There’s a long story behind why I decided to go, but ultimately Walt Disney World has always been a second home for me. Before when I was working i’d planned and put a payment down for August. Then I lost my job…Everything changed and I swore off the trip.

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Mickey Art Collection: Uniqlo

So if we take a look below at various styles you can see just how different each artists chooses to represent the wonderful world of Disney. Uniqlo does Disney collections quite often but this one for me takes the cake! Each artist really made their pieces unique and it was so hard to pick just one to take home with me.

I ended up with a design by Yu Nagaba and I LOVE IT!!! It’s a subtle design, actually all of Yu’s designs were but the mister got me Minnie mouse because of the love I have for her.

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Casual Goofy Vibes | Featuring Cakeworthy

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day! Today we are going to get into my love of Cakeworthy again with this AMAZING all over print shirt from “A Goofy Movie”. It’s one of my favorite Disney films and is a treasure amongst anyone who grew up in the 90’s. As with most Cakeworthy items the shirt is long so it will need to be tucked in unless you like that look or are looking to knot it on hotter days. It’s perfect at the bust as well and makes it an easy shirt to wear.

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Avenger's Week: Spider-Man

Armand and I chose the Staten Island Ferry for Spidey because in various versions of his films he seems to get himself in trouble while aboard the most famous ferry in NYC. The colors and the background fits with my outfit choice. Forever 21 saved my life here! The Palazzo pants, head scarf & earrings all came from a shopping trip I made a couple of weeks ago. I had been so lost about what to create for him. I’m so so happy it worked out.

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Avenger's Week | Check Out My Instagram

Guys & Dolls we are one week away from Avengers: Endgame & to celebrate Armand & I wanted to do something really special. For the next week you will see how his love of Marvel (Hey! I love it too!) & my love of Fashion came together to create magic. We challenged each other to think outside the box & ask How can we celebrate some of our favorite superheroes 🦸‍♀️ while staying true to my style?

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