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Celebrating Mickey Mouse | Feat. Shop Disney

The most famous mouse in the world had quite a bit to celebrate over the year (2018-2019). He turned 90. He had many a celebration for it including Disco Nights, Art Exhibitions, Instagram Pop-Ups & so many treats at the parks it could make your head spin. He even got himself a new outfit to wear in the parks! Talk about wild for Mickey huh?

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Mickey Art Collection: Uniqlo

So if we take a look below at various styles you can see just how different each artists chooses to represent the wonderful world of Disney. Uniqlo does Disney collections quite often but this one for me takes the cake! Each artist really made their pieces unique and it was so hard to pick just one to take home with me.

I ended up with a design by Yu Nagaba and I LOVE IT!!! It’s a subtle design, actually all of Yu’s designs were but the mister got me Minnie mouse because of the love I have for her.

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