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Prince Eric Appreciation Club | Featuring Shop Disney

In the last of my winter style photos (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S FINALLY SPRING!) I wanted to talk about this really cute Prince Eric shirt I got at It’s a pink sheer tee with white lettering making you a proud member of the Prince Eric Appreciation Club. I decided to keep going with that pink theme and wore my Tangled inspired Disney Beret, which is currently on sale at Girl Loves Berets.

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Magic Carpet Rides & Jackets

I quite literally cannot wait until the Live Action version of “Aladdin” hit’s theaters in May, until then i’m obsessing over anything related over at and beyond. I paired this snazzy Denim Jacket with the shirt i’d gotten from Target a little while ago. I just knew I had to keep with the theme of it all. I figured my yellow beret from Goorin Bros. would work well against the blue tones.

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