Who’s Your Favorite Disney Character?

Ariel. Hands down. The Little Mermaid has been imbedded in my spirit since I was a small child. There are even photos of me dressed as her for 3 years straight because I would not want to be anyone different. Ariel for me represents a free spirit, a willingness to want to change your life, a passion for things that are greater than any one person and love. Straight up.

What Size Do you wear?

I am currently a size 16/18 but depending on the clothing brand I can get into a 14 (Old Navy, Banana Republic) or into an 18/20 (H&M, GAP). My philosophy is to just try things on and try although hard to forget the size your wearing. I'm all about finding what works for your style not really what works just because it fits you.

Disney World or Disneyland?

This one’s a bit tough. I can now say i’ve been to both parks, for a while there I had only ever been to WDW. This past January I FINALLY got to see Disneyland. Perhaps one day i’ll do a vlog about my experiences in both parks. I will say I like certain rides at both parks more than the other.

Where do you like to shop?

While I don't really shop in store as much as I used to because of lack of representation in some of my favorite shops I do have plenty of favorites such as Joe Fresh, Target, Reb Dolls, Fashion to Figure, Uniqlo, PREMME, Ellos, Rachael Roy (found in Macys) & Much more!


I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Yes yes the home of pretentious everyone from the wannabe Kevin Bacon‘s to the nannies. At least it’s not the East Side oh crap not the East Side ever…Do I like it? No. I LOVE it because even those terrible people you get a surprisingly great amount of sane New Yorkers. From the small business owners to the amazing elderly who’ve lived in the area even before it became very safe to live in there are amazing people in my area and I love experiencing ALL of them. The area itself is pretty safe with the exception of a few bad apple areas near the higher 80’s and into the 90’s as well as some parts of 103rd st and above. Crime has risen a bit over the years but I assure you it’s minimal and you should be safe up here.


It’s no cake walk to up and leave wherever you may be for New York. I highly recommend a vacation here first to get rid of the culture shock, and there will be culture shock for sure. It’s not always whats on TV but I can’t lie we can be mean and we can be rude but most times its because of how we were treated right before we start with the rude part. The saying “do on to others…” ringing a bell? If we get crap you get crap period. Once you’ve decided this is the place for you make sure you’ve got enough saved and can pay rent for at least 2-3 months it will take that long (shorter if you’re lucky) to find work and you MUST FIND WORK. The cost of living here is no joke. I am broke all of the time. I live paycheck to paycheck and it SUCKS. Also if you’re lucky you’ve got enough for a nice place but most likely there is a shoe box size studio in your feature or a 1-bedroom being shared with a roommate who watches to much porn and eats your cookies. There will be hard days a lot of them and you could turn into an ice king/queen but the amazing part of the city is the experience itself. Once you’ve made friends and have gotten on the train and explored other boroughs and spent time really embracing this place you’ll see why you can never ever go back.